Diablo II - Hit Points, Watch 'em or Die


Diablo II © 2000-2016 Blizzard

I don't play many games that are not turn-based because of my slow reaction time.  I just suffered another one of these lessons.

Currently, working through the barracks, looking for the Horadric Mallus.  I'm deep in the battle.  My guy is a Necromancer.  Fighting along side of him is six NPCs.  One is a mercenary, two are raised skeletal mages and three are raised skeletons.

I make my way into a door.  I knew it was an ambush.  I tried to make it through the door and lead the way.  Wrong!  A necromancer sits back and lets his minions take care of the dirty work.

I was able to drink potions a few times, but my fingers went wild.  A spasm cost me the Mallus.  I'm going to give it a go again.  This time, when I get to the door with the ambush...those recyclable skeletons will be the first in the room.  Let them do battle with the Boss!

Peace, Love and Granola!

Jay C. Theriot