Amiga on RPi4, Trial 1: uae4arm-rpi


  1. Amiga OS 3.x emulated with acceptable speed.  Auto-booting into the OS.
  2. Amiga OS 4.1 emulated with acceptable speed. Auto-booting into the OS.

Getting OS 3.x to work and autoboot will just take time.  It is possible and documented.  Amiberry, RetroPi and a host of emulators have shown this to be true.  They all come pre-packaged, which is unacceptable for my design ideals. Thus, the emulator must be compiled locally.

For this first trial, uae4arm-rpi will be used, following the instructions from

In the process, I noticed that uae4arm-pi supports plugins.  So, I've decided to compile the fs-uae-uae-plugin-qemu-uae from  Trial #2 will be a similar process with fs-uae, during which the plugin would need to be compiled.


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