Champions of Krynn - Entry #73 & #9

Entry 73:
"After the battle I was taken to see a powerful cleric. He laughed at
my defeat. They lead my to some doors that glowed in the darkness,
opened them with a key that he pulled from his robes, and took me to a
dark temple. I saw a bronze dragon egg on the alter! He told me that
they were going to start the corruptions again! Then he had his minions
beat me.
"I woke up here. If it hadn't of been for the treachery of a dark
elf, and a sneak attack from behind, they never would have captured
me." He pauses. "I'm sorry for my men."he says,"They had no idea what
we were getting into. Krynn's blood I didn't know either. We were
unprepared for the extent of the evil forces.
"The ambush was a complete sutprise."

Caramon in Chains


Journal Entry 9

She explains to Caramon, "I've been
sent by Sir Karl to get you back to the
Outpost. There are rumors that large forces
of draconians, hobgoblins, minotaurs and
othcira are gathering. We need you to
direct scouting and raiding operations. I
sec now that things arc worse than we
thought. Throtl was supposed to have
been abandoned."

Caramon says, "It's even worse than
that. I have seen Brass Dragon Eggs!"

She gasps, "No! They must not do this
again!." Then she pauses, "Wait, how can
they do it! I thought the process was lost
during the War of the Lance. Did you see
any evidence that they were successful!"

"No," says Caramon, "I was knocked
unconscious before I had a chance to look
further." He turns to you. "I need you to
investigate this matter. Find the key, and
go to the old temple in the Northeast part
of the city. Find out what you can."

A lovely Elven woman

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