Welcome screen of Bayou BBS [BAY] [Node 13] on NISSA

It's a...... BBS! Welcome BPC

Bayou BBS Network Grows:

Bayou BBS [BAY] [Node 13] - tn://bay.jayscafe.net:6401
Bayou Petit Caillou BBS [BPC] [Node 16] - tn://bay.jayscafe.net:6402

Both are running New Image v. 2.0b and members of NISSA. And yes, the image is of BAY and the brief is about BPC... I don't have a nice graphic made for BPC, yet.

Although, seemingly redundant, BPC is the test-bed for the flagship BAY. Other children may spring forth as I can figure out a need for a third. I'm considering a New Image v. 1.2+ board to see the ins and outs of what I'm upgrading, but the counter argument is that there are many great NISSA boards out there with better SysOps.

If you are an old-hat... telnet into one of my boards or check out http://cbbsoutpost.servebbs.com/ for other - much better - CG boards.

Jay C. "Jazzy J" Theriot

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