Boulder Dash Archive for the Commodore 64

Bayou Petite Caillou (BPC) BBS (telnet:// now contains as complete an archive of Boulder Dash content as I could find.

EIGHTEEN different versions of the game.  You can download the individual games from BPC or the .D64s here: BoulderDash01.D64, BoulderDash02.D64 and BoulderDash03.D64.

For those of you that are having difficulty remembering this insanely addictive game, I've inclu

ded some opening screenshots from my miserable attempts at playing...I swear, it was the joystick... Even so, I was able to make it to level two.  I got excited and died within seconds of starting the new level.

Boulder Dash is a platform game with the rectangular playing field larger than the viewable area. You move your little guy around the field collecting diamonds until the exit is opened, giving a loud SNAP! Each level is different and increasingly difficult.

A level editor is available for the game.  I don't know where the editor is available today, but dozens of years ago I had a copy. The result is that many levels were created independent of the original game, providing weeks of entertainment. I was horribly addicted to this game back in the day. I think that may be the case again, shortly.

For those of you not familiar with Commodore 64 emulation, you can download a marvelous emulator called the Versatile Commodore Emulator (VICE).  More information is available here:  D64s are the virtual images of the original 5.25" black floppy disks containing the programs.

Hope I have started an addition!

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